Application Process  Please call or email our office for an application

Please click here to complete our on-line application process. You have 48 business hours after your application has been approved to provide us with a security deposit. After we receive your deposit, you have 72 hours to terminate your agreement with us and receive a full refund of your deposit.  The termination must be in writing, fax or email.   After 72 hours of receipt of the deposit, if you do not take possession of the apartment on the agreed date, your deposit will be forfeited. 

Please know that our management company reserves the right to require a cosigner, additional deposit, or deny residency. Reason for not approving an application include but are not limited to: bankruptcy within the past 4  years, unpaid judgments, eviction, outstanding rent debt, criminal record, exceeding occupancy limits, and falsification of any part of the application.

As part of your application a credit report will be obtained through a local agency, a criminal search will be conducted, your employment will be verified, and your previous residential history will be verified. Details regarding our verification process are as follows:

  • Credit History

    A credit report will be processed on each applicant. All applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    1. Income to Rent Ratio
    2. Income to payment Ratio
    3. Percent Never Delinquent
    4. Previous credit Behavior
    5. Number of credit Inquiries
    6. Average Age of Credit Lines
    7. Total Credit Inquiries
    8. Bureau Scores
    9. Number of Major derogatory credit accounts

  • Rental History

Rental history for the last two years will be reviewed and cannot contain any negative references. Compliance with all the terms of the previous landlord’s lease contract and community policies is necessary.

  • Criminal History

    A criminal search will be conducted on all applicants to determine eligibility to rent. The applicant will be declined for any of the following criminal related reasons:

    • Felony conviction
    • Any terrorist related conviction
    • Any prostitution related conviction
    • Misdemeanor convictions involving crime against another person or property
    • Any cruelty to animals related conviction
    • Any illegal drug conviction
    • Any sex related conviction

    Any of the above related charges resulting in “Adjudication Withheld “and /or “Deferred Adjudication “. Active status on parole or probation resulting from any of the above.

  • Income

    Gross monthly income of all applicants per apartment is recommended to be at least (3) times the monthly rent or at least four (4) times the monthly amount of the rent of co- signers. In some cases, we require a copy of the previous year tax return /W2 or previous two (2) months paychecks stubs or bank statements
  • Employment

    Applicants must have verifiable current employment or a verifiable source of income, ie, bank statements, social security or pension letters, etc.

  • Occupancy

    1 bedroom -2 person,  2 bedroom -4 persons.
    If for any reason the numbers of occupants exceed the maximum numbers for that floor plan, residents will have a maximum of sixty (60) days to transfer to the appropriate floor plan to comply with occupancy limits or vacate the apartment and pay the termination fees if applicable.

  • Application Fee/Deposit

  • Application fee and deposit is required and must be paid in full prior to moving into the community. If applicant is declined, the deposit will be refunded to the applicant. Applicants who cancel after 72 hours of receipt of application will forfeit the application fee and the refundable and non refundable deposit.

    Please click here to download the entire resident criteria form (PDF).

    This form must be signed and OCD Management, Inc. will be provided a valid State ID/driver’s license, or INS document that allows me to be in the country.


Applicant must be of legal age. ( 18 years older )

  1. Applicant must submit all application fees and deposits in form of personal check, certified check, or money order.
  2. Applicant must write a separate check for the application fee and for the deposit.
  3. If applicant plans to take occupancy within 10 days from the date of the application, payment must  be paid in the form of money order of cashiers check.
  4. Applicant must provide proof of US citizenship or provide valid documentation from the US Department of Immigration and Naturalization (INS)


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Rental Application

Click here to download the resident criteriaPDF

For a rental application please call our office @ 404-352-3211 and speak with Esther Gonzalez or Patrick O'Connor .  You may also email us @ or



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